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Trained in traditional techniques, fashion designer Isabelle Teste initially devoted

her know-how to creating exceptional hats and working with noble textiles for haute couture, ceremonial events, theatre and opera.


In 2000, she launched her own hat line, distributed through a few select boutiques

and department stores in France and abroad. Her hats are known for their originality

and humour, among them the bubble-wrap rainhat, sold by Colette and Printemps Beaubourg, in a message-bearing pouch.


Isabelle likes to depart from the codes of conventional fashion design and explore unexpected materials; after she repurposed shower curtains, waterproof tablecloths

and various objects of daily life, she decided to dedicate her seamstress talents to the noble cause of refuse, and specifically discarded plastic bags; breathing new life and meaning into these symbols of hyper-consumption, she turns them into anti-depressing rain gear,

ethical catwalk gowns, responsible gardener’s pinafores and durable flower bouquets.


An obsessive upcycler for over fifteen years, Isabelle is committed to revaluing one of the planet’s most polluting waste, sublimating it with the same care and meticulousness

she brought to her work for Dior and Hermes.


Each one of her creations is a unique, entirely hand-crafted piece, processed from numerous plastic bags, sent to her from all over the world by Nature-loving and environment-respecting donors. Each accessory she creates is a promise, a colourful, conscious commitment

in a poetic struggle against wastefulness.


Her creations, labeled 100% Sacplastic [PlasticSac], pave a joyous and non-judgmental path toward altering the way we see and behave, encouraging each and every gesture

that respects the environment and promotes circular economy, aiming to make the world

a better place.

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